Risk Management

A modern organization is vulnerable to disruptive events as services are implemented across a wide range of commercial, legal and political boundaries. Ownership and responsibility have become more complicated. Possible risks includes terrorism, cyber-attacks, accidents, environmental threats, natural disasters, and other emergencies. Some of these risks might not be discovered until it is too late. Responsible stakeholders have to understand increased complexities while increasing collaboration to protect their core functions.

Meeting a dynamic and constantly changing risk-landscape will require agile and adaptive organizations, able to reorganize as new challenges arise. Only by applying a systemic approach focused on the protection of your essential values and core functions can your protective measures be truly successful. Accidents, cyber-attacks and natural disasters are an unfortunate part of the modern world. Your organization needs to limit its vulnerability.

Secana helps your organization:

  • To establish a systematic process for risk analysis
  • To evaluate your organization’s abilities to resist and manage identified threats and risks.
  • To produce a system for business continuity management
  • To manage incident response
  • To present cyber security threats and vulnerability in your organization, to inform, prevent and work defensively.
  • To provide specific and customized legal IT advice to protect and secure your company.

Risk analysis

Secana helps your organization to establish a formal process that systematically identifies, analyzes and evaluates the risk of disruption to the organization’s prioritized activities.

We help you assess the processes, systems, information, people, assets, outsource partners and other resources that support your core activities, from three aspects; management, information and cyber security and IT law.

If you are interested in more information regarding this part of Secana's services please contact Mr Roger Holfeldt, CEO of Secana Security at roger.holfeldt@secana.se