IT Law

In this modern society where cyber security and informational security is a thing of national and even EU interest, legal IT advice is something every company needs. With the new GDPR order from the EU coming into place within the second quarter of 2018, taking in legal expertise is often necessary to make sure your company is taking the proper measures to live up to the new order rules, and to avoid any hefty fees. This is where Secana can provide a unique service, where we not only can give you the holistic view of management and informational security to optimize your organization's security standards , but we can also provide essential legal advice.

With our consultants years of academic and work life experience regarding IT law, within both the public and private sector, you can rest assure your company is in good hands.

"Voice IT" is a concept unique for Secana, where we will be doing an analysis and a walkthrough of your company with our three expertis areas in mind- cyber security, legal IT and management.

By specifically looking at the current IT related agreements from these different perspectives, it will all together help your company be more cost effective and lower your risks as well as securing you company's worth. 

If you are interested in more information regarding this part of Secana's services please contact Mr Hans Backman, CEO of Secana Legal at