Risks do not only come from single events in the present world. They combine. One event breaks the ground for another. We have nested causes and chains of consequences. Disasters have a tendency to sneak up on you and you tend to not notice it until it is too late. Secana has extensive experience of this through assisting private and public organizations, nationally and internationally, with risk management, crisis management and cyber security. We prepare your staff on both strategic and operational levels to match all kinds of natural and man-made hazards, as well as providing legal advice. Thus giving your company a holistic all in one solution.

We help your organization:

  • to establish a holistic management process that identifies potential risks to your organization and its business operations.
  • to be informed about potential cyber security problems, while giving your organization the tools to prevent them from occurring.
  • to implement a framework for building organizational resilience.
  • with legal IT advice every step of the way, both preventive and damage control wise.

IT Law

In this modern society where cyber security and informational security is a thing of national andĀ even EU interest, legal IT advice is something every company needs.