Recruited: Arne Norlander

We would like to welcome our latest recruitment to Secana: Arne Norlander!

Arne has over 20 years of management experience in the public sector, focusing on research, consultation and education with a significant international impact. He is active as researcher, analyst and author in areas ranging from crisis management, societal security and defense, to Human Systems Integration and development of systems and capabilities.

Arne has previously been assigned to the Swedish Armed Forces as research program director, and has a background from Linköping University, Swedish Defense University, the Swedish Defense Research Agency and the Swedish Defense Materiel Administration. Arne has also acted as Subject Matter Expert with the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, the European Defense Agency, European Commission and NATO Science and Technology Organization.

Arne will bring this experience with him to Secana, where he will take on the role as Director for Research & Innovation.