Recruited: Arne Norlander

We would like to welcome our latest recruitment to Secana: Arne Norlander!

Arne has over 20 years of management experience in the public sector, focusing on research, consultation and education with a significant international impact. He is active as researcher, analyst and author in areas ranging from crisis management, societal security and defense, to Human Systems Integration and development of systems and capabilities.

Recruited: Torbjörn Jonsson

We are pleased to announce that our team at Secana has been reinforced by Torbjörn Jonsson. Torbjörn is not a stranger - he was previously a part of Ekelöw Infosecurity during 2013 to 2014 - and we are happy to welcome him back!

Torbjörn comes most recently from the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB), where he has a solif background as project manager and advisor for several exercises and educations within the fields of crisis management, cooperation and information security.

Recruited: Emmelie Ahlskog

We welcome our latest recruit to our team - Emmelie Ahlskog. emmelie has an academic background from the Swedish Defence University, where she studied political science on a Bachelor and a Master's level. During this time, Emmelie has focused on security and strategy, international relations, organisational theories and crisis management. Emmelie oriented herself quickly towards up-to-date security issues, and later on oriented herself towards cyber security.

Recruited: Kajsa Hammargård

Kajsa has an academic background from the Swedish Defence University, where she studied crisis management and international collaborations throughout her master’s degree. Based on her studies of crisis management, Kajsa has gathered extensive knowledge on how public actors act in situations of crisis’, both at a national and international level.

Sarah Backman speaker at Stockholm International Peace Research Institute’s (Sipri) international cyber security workshop

The 18th of December, the international cyber security workshop Japan-Europe-US: Integrating Cyber Security and Norms into Critical Infrastructure was arranged in Solna, Sweden. Sarah Backman, consultant at Secana, participated as a speaker in the panel “Cases of Cyber Intrusions and Attacks”, where she focused on the connection between various cyber threats and the development of cyber security capabilities at the EU-level.

New recruitment: Senior Advisor Leif Küller

We are proud to present Leif Küller as our latest recruitment. Küller has extensive knowledge and experience within cyber security. Küllers' last commissions have been; Commanding Officer of the Central Logistic Regiment and Technical Division of the Swedish Armed Forces, Defense Attaché to Vienna and Bratislava, Director of Sales & Export at the Swedish Defence Materiel Administration and Special Advisor at the Swedish Defence and Security Export Agency. Küller retired from his duties in 2013.