New recruitment: Consultant Sarah Backman

News! We are proud to present our new reputable co-worker Sarah Backman.

Backman has several years of experience working with strategic cybersecurity issues, crisis management and privacy issues (such as GDPR) in both private and public sectors and at the international level. Parallell with her work as a consultant, she has worked as a research assistant within international relations and published several academic articles and papers on EU-level cybersecurity and crisis management.

Backman will begin her PhD-studies as an industrial doctoral student in International Relations at Stockholm University this fall. Her dissertation will focus on EU-level cybersecurity.

Through her connection to both academia and industry, Backman will contribute to Secana’s academic services and keep all of Secana’s services anchored in state-of-the-art cybersecurity research.

Backman holds a Master’s degree in Political Science with focus on Security Studies from the Swedish Defence University.

Backman will be taking on the role as Consultant.