Cyber Security

Cyber security and critical information infrastructure risks pose some of the most serious economic and security challenges of our time. The security and resilience of critical information infrastructure is extremely important within societal security. The low cost and general reliability of communications over the Internet have led more and more systems to depend on it. A systemic failure would not just disrupt communications but also cause severe problems for utilities such as banking, transport and energy, and in the long run for the economy in general.

Products and production systems become more and more dependent on IT. Since they are interconnected, cyber risks could cause disruption to all kinds of functions and on all levels of society. The security and resilience of a critical information infrastructure becomes a matter of survival for your organization.

Cyber security involves preventing damage to, unauthorized use of, or exploitation of electronic information and communications systems.¨Secana can help you ensure the confidentiality, integrity and availability of the critical information and communication systems in your organization.

Secana helps your organization:

  • To perform cyber risk analysis
  • To develop models for cyber crisis management
  • To strengthen your collaboration in a world of integrated private and public sectors
  • To plan, perform and evaluate cyber exercises 
  • General legal advice regarding IT law and IT security

Cyber Security Risk Analysis

The challenge for managers is to fully understand the risks in the cyber domain. Managers have to understand these risks because they make decisions about investments, policies and regulations. This challenge is going to increase significantly. Only by working together can we best address these challenges, enhance cyber security, and mitigate disruption in critical societal functions.

Cyber Crisis Managemnt

Cyber security also includes restoring electronic information and communications systems in the event of a cyber-attack or natural disaster. Recent cyber-attacks have made governments and private enterprises more aware of the need of crisis management procedures.

Due to the borderless nature of cyberspace, cooperation and collaborative action between stakeholders are essential to overcoming the challenges posed in protecting the critical information infrastructure.

Secana can help your development and early implementation of a suitable methodology and a crisis management structure to prevent, mitigate and respond to a crisis and its consequences. We can also help you to develop warning systems.

Partnering and Information Sharing

The majority of the critical information infrastructure is privately owned and operated. The responsibility for basic level of security thus lies within the private sector. However, the private sector can’t be expected to shoulder the full responsibility for cyber attacks and related security issues. To increase security and the ability to manage crises, effective collaboration between many different organizations is essential. The purpose of collaboration is to identify and implement measures that will improve security and reduce vulnerability. Collaboration means that risks, information, responsibility and costs can be shared.
 Multi-stakeholder solutions must build on comprehensive and compatible national policies, while organizational arrangements which include plans, relationships, accountabilities, resources, processes and activities have to be in line with these policies.

A well-developed public-private partnership is therefore a necessity. We help you to develop forms and forums for the exchange of information, including operational information between the private and civilian parts of the community and to strengthen the ability of diverse organizations and entities to work together. This is especially important for electricity supplies, telecommunications and transport, where private players retain major responsibilities for operation and maintenance.

Secana’s role is to connect the players and create the right conditions for shared solutions by being an independent partner and a natural contact point. We provide a neutral meeting place.

Cyber Exercises

Training is the only way to ensure that your cyber security strategies are implemented through strong leadership. Cyber exercises involve a wide array of public and private sector participants.

Exercises can be used for validating policies, plans, procedures, training, equipment, and inter-organizational agreements; clarifying and training personnel in roles and responsibilities; improving inter-organizational coordination and communications; identifying gaps in resources; improving individual organization performance and identifying opportunities for improvement.

We assist in planning, conducting and evaluating an exercise. Our knowledge covers a wide range of types of exercises, from discussion-based to operation-based exercises, e.g. seminars, workshops, table-top to full-scale simulations exercises.