Cyber 9/12

On the 5-6th of April, the Cyber 9/12 Student Challenge of 2018 took place in Geneva, Switzerland.

Cyber 9/12 is a combined competition and scenario exercise where students act in teams to face major transboundary cyber attacks. The competitors must analyze and respond to the risks posed to interests on different levels as well as provide recommendations compatible with all the involved organizations and states. The challenge aims at developing a deeper understanding for crisis and conflict within cyber, and seeks to foster a culture of cooperation in responding to cyber attacks.

Sarah Backman, consultant at Secana, has participated as a student before and this year posed as coach for a team from Stockholm University. Of the 20 participating teams (from a total of 11 universities and 10 countries), 12 moved on to the semi-finals and from there only four qualified to the finals. Backman’s team, “DSV Cyber”, made it all the way to the finals as the best Swedish team!