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Secana helps organisations with high-level security requirements, or operating within the area of societal security or critical infrastructure, to manage security challenges in a dynamic environment.

We offer consulting services, expertise and competence development within the field of risk and security for both private and public sector, at a national as well as international level. Together with our clients, through long-term partnerships, analysis, innovation and training, we build a more secure and robust society. We provide tailor-made solutions, working in teams with competences adapted after our clients’ needs and local requirements.

We offer consulting services within the following business areas:

  • Governance, risk & compliance (GRC)
  • Continuity, incident & crisis management, Total Defence planning and managing hybrid threats
  • Information & cyber security
  • Systematic security management, including protective security
  • Research & innovation
  • Training, exercises

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Secana was founded in 2006, and later developed into a subsidiary of Ekelöw in order to strengthen its capacity within risk and security as well as information security. From 2012 the international tasks for the entire Ekelöw Group were assigned to Secana, and in 2015 Secana hade just over 20 experts with assignments within vital societal functions and critical infrastructure as well as within organisations with high-level security demands.

The Ekelöw Group was in 2016 incorporated in another firm.

In 2017 the owners of Secana together with previous employees made a new start for the company, aiming at making the most out of the compatence that had been built over the years and at the same time concentrating the offered services to areas with the highest demand for competence and expertise. 

Our organization is based on extensive knowledge of best practices as well as high-level academic competence within our business areas. The black swan in our logo symbolizes our desire to support our clients in managing even the most unexpected challenges. 

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