Business Continuity Management

In case of a disruptive event, incident or crisis, depending on the scale of the event, organizations will experience severe consequences such as production loss or failure to deliver services. By taking preventive measure and implementing a framework for business continuity before disruptive events occurs, these consequences will have less of an impact on the organization compared to waiting for the disruption and manage it ad-hoc.

Successful business continuity management increases the organizational resilience by addressing the need for managing uncertainty in modern societies and economies that are complex and vastly interconnected. Business continuity contributes to a more resilient society.

Building organizational resilience together with the capability for an effective response that safeguards the interests of your organization’s key stakeholders, reputation, brand and value-creating activities ensure the organization can achieve its intended outcome.

Secana supports organizations to develop and implement business continuity management processes that focuses on the capability of the organization to continuously produce or deliver services following a disruptive incident or a crisis at an acceptable level.

Secana provides you with a framework for business continuity management. Our method for developing a framework builds on best practice and international standards, for example specified in the international standard ISO 22301.